Sunday, 24 May 2009

Exciting News!

Well, the not so exciting news is that we have been flooded in for another 3 days, for the fourth time since moving down here last year. This was our third "once in 100 years flood" in 4 months! Good thing I am getting good at keeping the pantry well stocked!
The exciting news though, is that I am just starting a really cool online class by Sue Bluweiss, the ultracool artiste-of-many-media herself. I am a long time fan of her AMAZING work, especially her silk fusion. This particular course is on journal making so check back in to see my progress! If you would like to drool over some of her work, you can check it out here - I highly recommend you do, but make yourself a cuppa first because there is heaps of incredible work to check out!

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