Monday, 31 January 2011

Cool Gadgets–Measuring Spoons

Okay, I know what you are thinking, what’s so cool about measuring spoons?  They’re just spoons right?  Not any more!  Measuring spoons have entered a whole new dimension!  They’re not just the white Tupperware spoons thrown to the back of the draw any more, they have become a fashion statement in their own right!

Now like shoes and handbags, a girl can never have too many sets of measuring spoons.  I only have 2, but I need more.  You need 2 because how often are you measuring out one ingredient and it sticks to the inside of the spoon (yeast and turmeric ALWAYS do it), so it has to be washed before you can measure out the next ingredient.  Only problem is, you can’t dip the now clean but wet spoon into the next food, so you dry it with a tea towel which brings in static, making the next ingredient cling too!  And so on, and so forth!  I have a metal set and a plastic set.  I find that things tend to stick less to the metal spoons, but I don’t like using metal for acidic ingredients.  Plus my plastic ones are a really pretty pink.

The fact that I like my pretty pink measuring spoons, brings me to the next subject – how cool have measuring spoons become?  Uber cool I tell you!  So cool, they are even being made out of sterling silver to hang around your neck!

Check out these other super cute finds.  Which are your favourites?  Do you have a cute set of measuring spoons to share?

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