Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Virtual Garage Sale

Well folks, as you may have heard, the shoulder has taken over again and so I am no longer working. As a result, I have a veritable mountain of cake decorating bits and pieces that I now hardly ever use. Since we are moving and I'm guessing my new kitchen won't be anywhere near the size of my current one, I have decided it's time to let go and let someone else have fun with all the "toys". I can personally guarantee everything is in excellent condition.

 All of the packaging is brand new but everything else has been used (unless otherwise stated). I'm offering up for sale my airbrush set and compressor, my printer, icing sheets and colourings for edible printing, and lots more.

 I'll be selling cake rounds at discount prices and all sorts of other goodies, so be sure to keep checking back as I'll be adding things every day until I get it all photographed and uploaded! I'm trying to categorize it in the "store" as I go to make it easier for you to find things. If you have been hunting for a particular item for a while, email me and if I have it somewhere in the cupboard and am willing to part with it, I'll let you know.
Happy browsing and bargain hunting!
I've made a new category in my store called "Clearance Sale" where I will be listing all these goodies so go and check 'em out before someone else gets in there first!

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