Monday, 26 September 2011

Hi all,
I know there has been all sorts of confusion and lots of stories flying around as to what, when and where you can find me. First up, I'd like to send out a big "Thank You" to Kim Towner of Happy Frog Coffs Harbour who also runs the Harbourside Markets. Aside from being an Awesome Business Woman, and a Mentor of Mine, I would first of all like to say "Thank You" for the opportunities and wisdom you have imparted on me. I follow in your footsteps, and one day aspire to be even half the businesswoman you are. Next is a big Thank You to all of my friends and totally awesome customers who have really come to the fore this week and shown your support. You are ALL AMAZING PEOPLE and it is because of you I am here. Ange, Bettina, Amanda, Elayne, Kristy, Ashleigh, Dena and everyone else, thank you so much for your support. You can't even begin to imagine the strength you give me.
For everyone else who is wondering where I have disappeared to on a Thursday, here is the story.
I turned up last week to set up my market stall at the Grower's Market to be told by the Council Representative that other Stall Holders had been complaining that their sales were down and therefore I could no longer participate. My only redress is that I am the only person selling cupcakes, friands and macarons, and am certainly the only business (as far as I know) in the Coffs Harbour Region offering exclusively Gluten Free goods. As my clientele are either Coeliac or Gluten Intolerant, they cannot purchase from the other sellers of baked goods, therefore, I do not see that I am any kind of competition. In addition to this, I am from Nana Glen, within the Coffs Harbour Shire. To my knowledge, the other sellers of Baked Goods at the Coffs Grower's Markets are from Grafton and Bowraville, both outside of the the Shire, which makes me the only "local" business. I have no desire to oust them, I wish only to sell in addition to them. I truly believe the marketplace to be big enough for us all. However, the Coffs Harbour Council has decided (in spite of it's written rules) to give preference to out of town businesses over their local businesses. As such, I am now only available at the Sunday Harbourside Markets.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of my awesome customers for not only your business, but your friendship and the joy you bring to my day.
Good luck, and I will see you on Sunday under the trees by the Yacht Club!
Best Wishes,

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