Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Cup of Tea for...Your Furniture!

Yep, you read correct - a cup of tea for your furniture.  Our big cleaning frenzy officially began today as we are hoping to list our house for sale next week.  DH tackled "Parks & Gardens" outside, while I got stuck into the interior.  I cranked up the tunes (played all my Queen and have now moved onto Powderfinger) and got stuck into it.  In line with my new "ultra cheapy" mindset, I set about cleaning the lounge room, and can I just say, it has never smelt better! (And my hands smell great too!)
Instead of your regular store bought, couple of $$ a can furniture polish that is some who knows what concoction of nasty chemicals, I make my own.  All it is is 1 cup strong black tea (be sure to strain it so you don't leave a trail of tea leaves), 1 cup cold water, 3 drops of clove oil and 6 drops of lavender.
It brings the furniture up beautifully, and the addition of clove oil kills any mould spores that may be lurking and prevents them from coming back.  Great if you live in a place that rains alot.  I add the lavender just to soften the smell of the clove a little.  I also wipe down all my window frames and window sills with this mix and the wood panelling on the walls, along with the timber on the stair case.

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