Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Our Smallest Egg Ever!

For those of you who know us, you might remember our HUUUUUGE chicken egg laid by one of our Ancona hens just over a year ago (December 2009).  For everyone else, here is a photo of the whopper…

It was something ridiculous like 8cm long!  Now, for the other end of the scale.  Just when we thought we had seen just about everything, Matthew returned from the hen house the other day (no, not the dog house…this time…) with this little cutie in tow.


Yep, that’s 3cm folks!  A mere 1.18 inch!  Here it is sitting in his wedding ring and with some other “normal” chicken eggs:


And for comparison’s sake, here it is in my hand, side by side with the whopper!


I’d love to hear about your most unusual “garden produce”…

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  1. Hi:I just discovered your blog,well done! We get the tiny and GIANT eggs too and my ducks lay some crazy eggs. I will check in often. Please check out our farm blog if you get a chance! I am going to add you to "blogs I like" Have a great day! Cassie The Garden Girl