Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Party Presentation Ideas – Where to get Inspiration Online

I have completely stolen todays title from Pink Frosting’s site Australia Entertains.  I follow Pink Frosting on Facebook, and had to click on the link to this article as I am always on the lookout for cool ideas for my daughters’ birthday parties.  This one is awesome.  The ideas are fun and original, and can be simplified or expanded as much as you like.  Her photography is pure eye candy.

The Pink Frosting site is an online store with all the bits and pieces you need for any fabulous celebration.  Everything from Weddings and Baby Showers, to Halloween and Sweet 16.  And I love the fact that they are another Australian site.  We are slowly getting there with the online retail thing aren’t we!

Kathryn Porritt who owns both sites has done a wonderful job on her blog Australia Entertains, giving links to all manner of sites to help you with not only coming up with awesome ideas, but others to help with decorations, food, invitations and the like.

I strongly suggest you pop on over and have a look!

Where do you go for inspiration when planning a party?

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